Bista Standard

Thanks to the hard and persistent work of a team of specialists who create new, excellent quality products, Bista Standard has been achieved market leader position manufacturers of tobacco accessories in Poland.

If you are here, it means that you want to get to know us better - and this is information that makes us very happy. At Bista Standard, we value relationships with people, because they create not only the workplace, but most of all our everyday life. When establishing the company, we had one goal - it was a place where people would come with energy and motivation, regardless of whether they work with us or are our business partners. For this reason, for 17 years we have been accompanied by the values ​​that make up the STANDARD of our work.

Honestybecause we believe that truth has enormous power.
Trustbecause without it there is no business success.
Qualitybecause it is the basis of a good product.
Responsibilitybecause we know how much depends on us.
Developmentbecause it allows us to be better.
creativitybecause unique things are created thanks to it.
Reliabilitybecause we are someone you can always count on
i independencebecause we are people who love freedom.

In today's rush it is easy to forget about the most important things, which is why it is so important for us to work in the work-life balance system. We know that thanks to this, we create an attractive workplace for everyone who spends time with their family, develops their competences or devotes themselves to pursuing their passions. This approach allowed us to build an international company with a team of over 230 people, and products available in over 50 countries.

We are a manufacturer of tobacco accessories and from the first days we have made every effort to ensure that the products we create are not only tailored to the needs of our customers, but also characterized by high quality. Our company - Bista Standard - was established at a time when there were no limits. In 2003, the only thing that could stop us was our imagination. Thanks to this, for 17 years we have created six proprietary brands: American Aviator, Silver Star, Ring, T&T, Discovery and, above all, a leading brand - DARK HORSE. Our products are available not only in Europe, but also in Australia, the Middle East and the United States.

We are proud that our entire global distribution has its roots in Bydgoszcz - in a city with which we are associated not only in business but also sentimentally.