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From a modest start-up to a high-class enterprise.
Thanks to hard and persistent work of its team of experts creating new products of excellent quality, Bista Standard has achieved market leader position among tobacco accessories producers.
Our work enables constant development and it means we will carry on improving and masteringour accessories. We put great emphasis on design and style. We are aesthetes who like beautiful items and that is why we value the look of our products and packaging.
We wish to ensure the highest level of satisfaction with the clients. Our products are prepared with great care mastering every detail. Our partners' satisfaction is the greatest reward. We prioritise creating long-lasting rapport over one-off successes. We are well aware how patience and time count in building excellent business relations.
We value and protect intellectual property of our company and other entities and so both our brands and designs are legally protected for transparency of our transactions.
We try to make our products accessible all over the world.
We aim to cooperate with stable companies having private labels of their own product groups. These are demanding cooperatives and we are challenged to meet their expectations.
We keep developing new articles for smokers so that home-made cigarettes brought even more satisfaction.





Bista Standard Sp. z o.o.
Smoleńska 29
85-871 Bydgoszcz

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t.  +48 52 360 71 15
f.  +48 52 360 71 16
e.       biuro@bista.pl

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